I’m the easy going type

I majored in English which is one of the reasons I chose to blog in the first place.  I have some prior blogging experience in: “My Spaces.”  You may have heard of them.  You used an earlier version of this very writer there as well.  So I’m also familiar with Microsoft Live Writer.  I’m into Graphic Design and Photography.  I’d like to mix the two so I can make things look even more surreal!  I’m always enthusiastic to help out wherever I can, and am generally friendly with everyone.

My hobbies include: Graphic Design, Photography, Singing and Playing guitar (Mostly pop and rock and some of my own.  I play lead and rhythm guitar in a band called “The Decrepits” )  I have my own CD which I’ll eventually dig up and put on my site for you using the “Music Widget.”  I also like Astronomy, Nanotechnology, Art work.  I have a Drawing tablet and like to dabble in Painter XI.  I have the grip pen, art pen, and the spray paint pen, so I have a lot of latitude to work in that program.  I will give tutorials about it from time to time, but mostly with screen shots so you can follow along if you so desire.  Gee, I keep wandering off topic here!  I also like to Hike and Fish…

I have another blog at: http://lidtop.wordpress.com.  Only here, I’m “Spartacus2030.”  I figure I’ll use this blog for photos and Graphic Design, and the other blog: “My Opinionsville” for more current events; more text based with just a feature Photo.  This site is under construction right now.  I’ll eventually change the Header and Background as well.  BTW, Microsoft Live Writer is very well equipped and user friendly for formatting your blogs further.  I highly recommend it!

Anyway, I had the opportunity to become an Astronomer and passed it up to raise a family.  I have three children: Brian, Elliot and Jennifer (Fin-ef-iner) I call her.  That life ended abruptly for me some 20 years ago now.  My daughter’s the oldest.  She’d be around 27 now.  My wife by marriage belongs to: “The Jehovah’s Witnesses”, they think I’m demonized since I left, and therefore have not be aloud to see my children since I left.  I have a mate now and I’m helping her raise her son: “Cody.”  My life has been quite eventful, but that’s for the “My Opinionsville Blog.  Here, things are mostly tutorial and graphic/photography oriented.  You may use everything I have because it’s all either mine or public domain.  I only ask that you mention my blog.  The link here must be in front of you.  Just copy and paste.  It is my sincere honor and privilege to be here for you however I can…

Cheers: Spartacus2030


16 comments on “About

  1. Hey Spartacus, good to connect with you! I know about those JW’s and there’s no amount of banana peel to keep them off your front Step! Those guys mix and match their own version of Bible scripture, quite often out of context, and specialize in finding weak spots in other religious systems and argue with people who have not been properly trained to refute such charges.

    Stay in touch,


    PS: Don’t forget to check out my most recent video:

    • Nice chronological advancement! Good choice for the background music. Beautiful pictures! They went by too quickly, as did the text. I caught some, but you have to whizz across the line and hope it all sticks. Have you thought of slowing it down a little, and resincronize the music? Beautifully done though, all in all! And you left out the part about the JW’s (Yohose) being a bunch of back-stabbing, sneaky and pathetic, headless, heartless, animals…

  2. A fantastic blogger found. I was amazed that you have your own CD, such an amazing achievement that not everyone can do~ Thanks for the follow of my blog and gonna visit yours more often. Thanks again.

  3. Thanks man! I dig yours pretty good too! I’m most estatic that you felt me important enough to visit me again after that bad, bad day I had! If I may, I deeply apologize for behaving like a fool! ‘I am, and always will be, your friend’ – The Wrath of Khan

  4. I only came in to say hello, and wish you happy easter, Darrell…cannot believe the weather that is about to hit us…the snow was bad enough…just shovelled out yet again from melt off that leaves it sliding in horribly large chunks down the roof of my apt and onto my deck..oops, ended up complaining…sorry…really, I only meant to say Happy Easter ..love, Katie.

    • The true date falls on the first full moon of April; refered to as Nissan followed by the day of the full moon. eg: Nissan 14… I hate the weather! It never knows what I’m doing! Watch you don’t get hit with a chunk! Whear a pot over your head when you go out there! do you use an ergonomic shovel? They’re best for us decrepits… Thanks for thinking of me Sweetling! Luv: D

  5. Came by to say hello, again…having some lonely nights, lately…hope it isn’t a bad thing to see if you’re around? Likely not though…don’t worry, Darrell..nothing’s wrong..just a little out of sorts is all…love Katie.

    • I have the opposite problem. I wish people would go away! LOL! Not sounding very helpful, am I… Everyone is gone for two days and the peace is so heavenly Katie; feels like all of my organs have settled back into place! So you see? You may be in a more fortunate position from my point of view; the grass is always greener somehow… Speaking of grass, have you got your garden planned out yet? Maybe you just need to step out for some air; change your surroundings. Anyway, I here your lonely cry in the wild, and stand ready with my trusty steed. Actually, it’s a chihuahua, but he’s strong! 🙂

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  7. Came by to say hello…i saw you liked the poem I wrote…thank you…the award thing you did for me was wonderful, but honestly Darrell, I can’t tell the bloggers from the writers now, lol! Miss you…read about your troubles but didn’t have the heart to comment…it’s not like you can be OK out of what happened, don’t worry..I have no ‘suzy sunshine’ to give you…been going through a sleepless patch myself, so am quite wrecked at the moment.. maybe we’ll be in better talking mode next week…in the meantime, you’re in my thoughts, my friend..love, Katie.

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