Awards Page


Although I have plenty of awards on my other site, this time I will put them in here so they don’t make my site look too crowded.  This is my first award on my new site.  It came about because I made the logo for someone else, and so they gave me the award.  It’s probably because I’m so handsome…

_0_200 Likes

I’m proud of this award because I got those likes in less than a month of being here!  See?  I’ve already filled up a previous blog, so I get likes much faster now.  When I first began blogging, it took me almost a year to reach this point!


I guess I should mention the date here.  Nov. 24/2015.  When I arrived here, I already had about 36 posts, so I made about 64 posts in one month…  Not two shabby.  I’m averaging about two a day.   Well give me a chance to get warmed up!  LOL!

_0_Epically Awesome Award

I don’t think you can possibly win an eppically awesome award from anyone, unless they are eppically awesome themselves!  I posted something funny.  She reblogged it because she told me to ask her to…  Next thing I know, I was following the rules to win the award.  I won it on Nov. 30/2015.

_0_ 500_Likes

I was not advancing nearly this quickly on my other blog!  I’m just as pleased as punch!  500 likes!  WOW!  I know there are people who really like the path I’m on now, so I’m just gonna go with the flow…  Is there any other way?

_0_Award_Most likes

Today, I just got my most likes ever in one day!  If I keep going like this, I’m gonna need an Award Page Part 2!  This is becoming like a Christmas presant for me!  Actually, so far I have 38 likes today…  Not too shabby!