7 comments on “A Temperamental Fool

      • about darn time my friend….I thought you might have frozen to death or something….Happy Monday in the meantime 🙂

      • And Florida gets sunshine 300 days out of the year! So if I hug you, maybe I’ll catch some rays! {{{{HUG!!}}}} Didn’t work… I’m still a meat popcicle 😦

      • Really, 300? I did not know that she says with a light hearted laugh…she is a meat pop sickle no longer instead…..she fries like a bug on a beach windshield….

      • That’s a picture… This porridge is too hot! That porridge is too cold! The only happy medium seems to be somewhere in Ohio, little Red Riding Hood…

      • Oh good god no, not there…don’t ask my husband what I call that state….sorry for any Ohioans who read this by accident..even driving down here, I had to wear gloves till half way through Georgia…go figure…

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