13 comments on “True confessions (Part 2)

  1. A big assed sack of potatoes…woo Hoo…I see you got the sun I sent….here’s some more…I don’t run, just fast walk four miles a,day or so….lost two sacks of potatoes as of yesterday….not telling the start weight….you’ll just have to put on your guessing cap….yay you….so happy for you☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

    • 167 lbs.? I’ll let you know when my next sack of potatoes comes off… That’s about the same as I do except I run for about 20 minutes of my fast walk. It usually takes my about an hour! I shall cherrish your happiness for me! I probably bloomed around the same time as the flowers did! LOL! Luv ya Kim: D xOx

      • You will do fine, as will I if I can get some sleep tonight, this heartburn is driving me bonkers and I took one mega rolaids….If I die tonight, just know I shall be amongst the flowers…I’m getting cremated after all and they may sprinkle me anywhere 🙂 just not anytime soon I pray 🙂
        Luv Ya Too D 🙂

      • When I die, I wanna be dipped in laminant and stand in the corner of someone’s livingroom, pointing south, or something meaningless like that… Flowers? What are they? It only went up to 11 today, and it’s gonna snow this Tuesday. This year might be a cool summer too. I’ll BBQ in my snow suit if I have to!! I trust you enough to sprinkle on my toast! Kisses: xOx

      • Still cold and snowy? Brrrr….I certainly don’t miss that? We did BBQ pizza last night, yum yum….super uber thin crust and only sprinkles of herbs, think it’s gonna be 86 or so today🍗🍳😊

      • Well, don’t you have moose and grizzly bear up there? I saw a turtle today, he was sunning himself on the bank….walked for an hour and ten minutes and let me tell ya, my feet are falling off, ice on them would feel good….and then back out to the 86☀️🌴🍳

      • Yes, the moose is in bed, and the grizzly bear comes tvisit every day. I’m not ‘that far’ north. North enough it snowed today though. good workout! Cheers!! Now do the same tomorrow 🙂

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