6 comments on “True Confessions

  1. how awful….thinking of you and sending better thoughts and smiles….and put the bugs down…what did they ever do to you? Maybe I’ll send you some lizards….theres millions of the little buggers down here….

    • You always make me laugh Kim! Yeah those lizards look at you like a gormet buffet! LOL! How has life been treating you in Florida so far? I love the look of palm trees 🙂

      • Have a palm in front of the house, the lizards are fun as is life down here, have caught a nice tan, losing weight, eating healthy….all awesome….oh, and relaxing and writing too…yay….smiles and love, K

      • Em… Having you back? I think that’s the best part! Tell the lizard I said ‘Hello’ and know I’m so happy you get to live the dream : Luv Slobber: D xOx

      • Lizards not happy, hubby stepped on his tail….was still moving after lizard ran away…a bit freaky if you ask me…..at least he lived to tell the tail….I mean, tale😁

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