5 comments on “Fight Depression and Win!

  1. OH MY GOD, Darrel! This is absolutely brilliant and just so true. I want my husband to read this. I’m going to show him this and hopefully he will read your words. Your message is just about what I have told him. He just walked away from alcohol and I mean just. He finally gets it how bad alcohol is with depression. I don’t know how I am still with him. Before that was the drugs. Those are gone. You are right on about making choices and bringing change into our lives. Not easy because when we are used to do something a certain way, it becomes second nature, a habit. So not easy to change but with consistent new behaviors we create a new and better habits. I am so proud of you! You have come a long way!!!

  2. You are so brave, and so strong Amy! You have come a long way too! Quiting the alcohol will calm him down hugely! Overcoming alcohol is the hardest thing! He will ‘always’ want a drink, so don’t even walk him by a bar! Be proud Amy! This is wonderful news! And I’m so honored you want him to read this! Us brave hearts weather stormy times. Now is when he’s going to need every comfort you can give him! He could just be like the little train that kept on saying: ‘I think I can! I think I can!’ In God’s name, I pray that he does!

    • He did read this and he forwarded it to his brother who has a son with a ton of problems. Also, the other night he told me he was going to get a beer to drink at home and I got right in his face and told him he was not. He was furious as me, but I would not budge. He knows when NOT to cross the line with me, Darrel, and that was one of them. Later he even admitted he was glad he did not drink! Oh no he cannot!! Now now not ever again! And I will hold him to it until he gets stronger. 🙂

      • ‘Hard Headed Woman’ – Cat Stevens. Amy, I’m just so proud of you for saving you both! He needs your strength too! As a psychologist with a fake degree, I’d suggest you pamperhim, reward his efforts and tell him how proud you are that he didn’t waver! But you’re so sweet, I’m sure you’ve covered that as well. This comment was so moving, if you expand it into a blog entry, I’ll reblog you! That’s a threat! LOL! Way to go my champion Warrior 🙂

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