2 comments on “ISIS…

  1. I am…at a loss, Darrell…completely. You..you reblogged me..that is so…( one minute for tears being wiped from my eyes)..incredible, endearing, unbelievable, astounding. You are without doubt, a true and remarkable friend. I am overwhelmed…I had been looking for more than a month for a song to help me express what I felt about the people trying to survive and rebuild after these terrible attacks…when I found “Wavin’ Flag’, I KNEW that was it. Music is what gets me to blog how I feel about what’s going on around me…whether in my own backyard or out in the world…thank you, dearest of friends, for doing this for me…once again, without even trying, you’ve encouraged me and inspired me…never change…love, Katie.

    • I respect you, not only for your potential to be a really great blogger, but for your extremly large and kindly heart toward everyone! You present healing words, and melt away sadness from people’s hearts… For these reasons I will always be a very close friend to you… And I am so proud of you Katie! I always will love you! And BTW? You earned this: D xOx

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