2 comments on “Rules For Doing Good

  1. Complete, if humble agreement here..I would have this as a plaque on the wall of my home…regarding the colours post, cuz I lost the pg. so I’ll comment here…I seem to be an authentic blue…maybe that’s why I like THIS post so much, lol! I really enjoyed the colours post and the link was fascinating, Darrell…love, Katie.

    • So you’re a Blue! No wonder we hit it off so well… Psycholgy class was a riot! I became head of the class, all the girls were after me… I have a surprising effect on crowds. I guess you’ve noticed. Blue huh? (Heart throb!) Is my hair on straight? Glad you liked this post too… My my! Such compliments! You’re making me blush! {{{{{HUG!!!}}}}}} Luv: D

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