2 comments on “Happiness

  1. …you’re right..you’re happiest when you’re bitchin’ your head off,lol! So it follows that regardless of what you wrote here, it made you happy to do it! Your friends make you happy online or off because you actually DO know that they care…being a green makes you an attention seeker, not just a searcher of knowledge..greens issues stem from the need to be seen because they are usually quiet ,thinking types…Darrell, you are happier more often than not…but what year you’re going to admit that, God only knows, lol! I loved this blog…say what you mean, but not necesarily mean what you say! love, Katie.

    • Boy can you ever read me! I’d better take down that color thing… Now I feel all naked and exposed! (BLUSH!) I see you have a thinking cap of your own! Always knew that though… It’s the way you string certain words together. I’m gonna frame this! Luv: D

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