8 comments on “Should I stay, or should I go?

  1. If she gets kicked out what options does she have? If there’s someone that can take her in then maybe it’s better she goes there. The thing is if you keep driving each other round the bend and she keeps up with her dramas, it won’t get any better. Maybe you should hold her to her words and give a timeline for a trial to see if she will comply. Good luck and she does look good though. Life can be hard.

  2. She has nowhere to go. I was leaning toward waiting but I guess I just needed a push in the right direction. Thanks Jaqualine! Just want to make sure it’s not my emotions that intercede. Thanks for your wise council Jacqualine! Sometimes I’m indecisive. So, I agreed to give him two more months to get everything done he needs doing. At that point, I may even find something cheaper than $715.00 for a batchelor apartment. Would never take a basement apartment though! Too moldy!

  3. All I can do after reading your blog and your response to J., is pray for you Darrell…not to seem to blunt, but they won and they know it…you want out? Really want out it sounds like…when the next offer comes up for another apt…don’t say anything to either of them…just take it and go…in the meantime, make a few lists of what you want to take with you…start with extraneous( non necessary)and finish with the last items you’d put in a dufflebag when you’re ready to walk out the door … pack slowly and privately (or lie your head off if they ask..they’re lying to you)..if you have a vehicle or know someone who does that’s willing to help..you can rent locker space ( smaller is cheaper)…do a bit of packing here and there and transfer it to the locker…by the time you’ve found someplace else to go, you should be down to two things: your computer, and your clothes…and then you go and don’t look back…this may be bad advice..you may be upset with me for being blunt…but real friends tell you what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear….please try not to be mad at me for too long, Darrell…you are my friend and I’m thankful you’re honest enough to blog your real life…makes it easier to pray as I said..love, Katie.

    • Be mad at you for trying to help me make a clean getaway? Why? You’re voicing you’re opinion on the matter. That’s allowed Katie… I thank you from the deepest recesses of my small intestines! You have voiced your opinion on the matter, (I see you’ve done this before). I thank you for your input on the matter. That’s why I asked the question. This is actually not a bad sneaky way of leeaving! Perhaps I can tip toe out at 2 am. LOL! I wouldn’t have to. I could just tell her, and she would have to resside herself to it. She’s to unbalanced to hit me now. Jacqualine has a point in that there will be plenty more adds in the paper as The Spring kicks in. Damn! I just know I can do better than $715.00 for a bachalor! And you’re right! I HAVE got itchy toes!

  4. It’s been a really “geez-my-head’s-into-music-” kind of day..as you will see when you read my posts…yes, Darrell, that would be plural…I DID TWO POSTS IN ONE DAY!!! I like totally can’t even believe it myself! Ahem…back to the REAL point…don’t know if this’ll work, but am going to post this song for you here if I can…kinda goes with your above post and my comment…that is , if you’re still speaking to me AFTER you read it…https://youtu.be/kafuYSMzTXc…thinking and praying for you…whatever happens next…love, Katie.

  5. I like your taste in music! It’s like mine… Me thinks you’re into popular music; or as we say in the music world: ‘Be Bopp!’ LOL! I’ll take those prayers Katie! Thank you! You’re sickeningly sweet! I’m gonna listen to the song right now. Then I’m going to come back and add some more spewage to this.

    Hi; I’m back! Oh I have no trouble telling her what I think… That only causes upset in her to, so we’re both in for a rotten day. What I do, is just tolerate it until I can no longer, and then I blast her! LOL! I didn’t want to bring my illness up, but one of the main problems with depression is indecisiveness. I’ve already kicked here out and then forgiven her, about 15 times. LOL! And then she says if I ever say it again, she’ll truly leave, but she never does! She walks all hobbled over, and complains of excrusiating pain! But then when she wants to go out, she’s rushing into her car and takes off, like she was just heeled! So she’s quite the actress… Kinda like Norma Desmond! LOL! Not to worry. You’ll see the ‘FREE me’ when the right opportunity presents itself. I loved the song!! I will do this for sure Katie! Thank you for the added inspiration! Much LUV: D.

  6. I have been trying to encourage another person to get out of/change their situation. I believe you need to do what is best for you. You don’t both need to be sick. It’s rough but you will make it in the end, and maybe she will pick herself up; if she is made to.

  7. I know we all must face the cruelty of life sometime. I’m just saying I find it particularly rough because she is so sick. If only she were fit, I’d feel better about leaving. I don’t want to hear later that she did something foolish! It’s not so easy to decide, yet for the sake of my own health, I’m leaning toward leaving anyway. It’s a stronge point you make, that we don’t both need to be sick…

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