2 comments on “Photos: Composition

  1. Very creative…the cottages themselves are beautiful…liked the one with gaelic name over the door…rough translation, “Sealord’s Hill”..very rough..my babiest bro would be screaming about now and correcting my poor gaelic, let me tell you,lol! Loved your ideas for desktop background…truly original, Darrell…gives me all sorts of new thoughts for mine…thanks! love, Katie.

  2. I always wundered what that sign meant! Now I know! Information like that, helps provide a greater undertanding of the blog entry. Clever girl! I didn’t even know it WAS gaelic. I thought it was an East Indian cult or church. Thank you for keeping me from burning down the place! LOL! Happy to see that I DO get other peoples imaginations going. Again, important feedback for me: Luv D

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