4 comments on “Blogging: Motivation

  1. Thank you Jacqueline! I thought it a tad long winded myself… Don’t wanna come off sounding like a know it all! This is an important kind of blog, so I always find myself going over it with a fine tooth comb… I should have just said: ‘Eat Blog, and be Mary!’ and been done with it 🙂

  2. Though you were a little wordy, it is a subject that is so big and has so much involved…when you get down to it, how could you make it shorter without leaving out salient points? Then it wouldn’t hold together as a whole…was worth the length because it’s good advice…I nearly went mad when I first started blogging…trying to keep up WAS a 24 hr job! I remember that! Had to get to a spot where I could allow myself to be me…not some lighter, breezier piece of me…there are times where a good rant or a good cry online are quite alright…everyone needs to relate to someone else…but too much is what it is..too much and then that blogger becomes hard to read…agree with that one….some people are a daily dose, and others once a week is good…I liked this blog…good framework, straightforward, shoot from the hip style which is what you do well, Darrell..love, Katie.

  3. Sorry for the delay Catherine… The daily drama in my life was in full force these last few days! I apologise for the wait. I intend to blog about the problem because I’m sure so many experience this. Just love the feed-back here. Well when I rant, the air quality changes! LOL! Last time I ranted, I lost the entire United States, and they haven’t been back since! I love how you described my style. Now I feel like buying a magnum .44, the most powerful hand gun in the world! I admire your atention to detail when you comment Katie! Thank you for your imput! I don’t get this often, so it’s really of great value to me! Thank You Katie! Luv + humming bird kisses: D

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