2 comments on “What I can promise…

  1. I love this quote…used it myself…I’m glad you can’t fix all the problems we have as your friends D.E…..codependency sucks, lol! Being there is the point..and you are a faithful friend to me…it is enough not to have to face the scary stuff alone because someone else out there gets it like I do..love, Katie.

  2. Codependency does suck! We both get less for more! It’s like a: ‘One for the price of two’ sale… You think you’re getting a bargain. But when you get it home, everything falls apart! LOL! Faithfaul… Yes, and I always come to you with my tail wagging; I love your doggy treats! WOOF! WOOF! Don’t think I mentioned how proud I am of you to be blogging two posts in one day. It’s a phenomenon! I have to come up with something stupid to write just now, but I will be over later 🙂

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