3 comments on “That darn cat!

  1. Thanks. Don’t know why I never thought about writing about my cats. That’s what I’m going to do when I finish this comment. Sassy in Homeward Bound said it best: “Cats rule and dogs drool.” The movie was based on Sheila Burnsford’s novel “The Incredible Journey,” in which she says the story itself is true, but since animals can’t speak English, the book is fiction since the animals tell the story.

  2. Yeah, I noticed your name come in as I was writing this, so I purposely kept it short enough so you’d be on board… It’s a ‘believe it or not’ kind of thing. Homeward Bound eh? Interesting! I’ll punch that into my TV and see what comes up. BTW… It’s a pleasure to make with your aquaintence! Love the quote! Am looking forward to reading your new blog entry! I’m flattered 🙂

  3. When I was on Fb about a month or so back, one of canine/feline loving friends posted on their wall…”Would you give up a meal to feed your dog/cat? 18k likes, and 6k responses later, not one person said the negative…why am I telling you this? Because Smokey on a diet sounds like my cat, Pumpkin Pie, when she runs out of cat food 2 days before shopping day! Finally figured out she’d eat spaghetti sauce w. a bit of gr. beef in it or chicken wieners raw and chopped really eensy…felt like a dolt bec. Punks was imprinted by a dog..no other cats, so like I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN, OK??? Joke was totally on me, lol! Loved your idea of the angled window sill…may try modification of that…could work…glad you didn’t kick Smokey to the tree…I did kick Punks once down the stairs, but it was her or me falling..you get my drift…stairs are a completely different thing…but she landed on her feet (thank God!) and gave me that blonde look so it was not as bad as I felt it was! I liked this blog…but wondering why you put Smokers on a diet, Darrell…he doesn’t look fat..vet suggestion maybe? Anyways, really liked this one. love Katie.

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