One comment on “What I’m Doing for The Weekend…

  1. Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull…keep you up all night…I loved it! National Treasure 1 AND 2 back to back…no interruptions unless it’s me hiding my head in the part where Nicolas Cage drops the girl to get the tube that has the original Declaration of Independance in it, lol! Heights, esp. in movies, scare me to death…that whole scene is breathtaking…love John Voight as the dad and Sean Bean as the bad guy…or if you’re in the mood for comedy…Night at the Museum 1& 2 also back to back with necessary bathroom breaks!!! Ben Stiller has been making LMAO since he was the voice of the lion in “Madagascar”! Save me some popcorn, Darrell..(she sighs…)..miss making it the REAL way..used to do it in a smaller pot when my kids were growing up, and would scare the hell out of other relatives when the corn hit the lid and I’d just take it off and quickly pore it into the bowl, whack the lid back on and pop what was left,LOL! Didn’t have a pot big enough for four kids so this is what I did! Popcorn flew and the cats chased it, but it was so much fun…you just gave me such a wonderful memory, buddy..thanks!

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