14 comments on “Toddler Laws

  1. The one granddaughter I see occasionally has developed above list down to an art form…two paycheck parents–child gets left to do their own thing…more and more wherever they are they can have whatever they want…no argument! It’s frightening…I think we were the last generation, D. that cared enough to stay home and take care of the kids we produced…just say no had a diferent ref. then…that’d be us the parents saying no to the kids cuz it was good for them to have limits and boundaries…another sore spot for me…sheesh you’re blogs are really hittin’ what still stings, lol! Ah well..at least this comment was a little shorter than the last one..love, Katie.

    • Now the word ‘no’ can easily be misconstued to mean ‘neglect’. I had to clean up my room before I was allowed to breathe oxygen! Fortunately for me, my Mum was still allowed to punch me out… I’m brain damaged, but I obey the law! OK! My twisted version, but to me it’s real 🙂

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