4 comments on “Doctors Make Me Sick!

  1. Don’t blame you at all for being pissed off with doctors who don’t listen to your needs…been through that so often…I don’t know what happened to real health care where the doctor knew you delivered your babies, understood your life stresses, etc….mostly the gov’t decided (like David) that we needed to be registered and stay registered w. same doctor…couldn’t change doctors when dissatisified..that was in 200-01…took til 2005 before finally forcing people to register or lose their current doctor became gov’t insisted ( as opposed to assisted,lol!)…ever since then EVERYTHING in terms of medical health care has gone to hell….it’s quite a bit easier not to have a dr…to go to the local clinic…you get better results because they AREN’T your dr. and may never see you again..doesn’t mean you don’t get a real jerk off every now and then…but it isn’t every time you go….and the new dr.s, the young bloods, are being almost factory produced in my opinion…legalistic, brainwashed idiots who want to prescribe things like EX-ifor for emot’l/physical symptom of menopause…they’re not teaching the new ones and they’re confining the ones with experience that are left…why? Because our gov’t believes this is a perfect way to cut down on what they call ‘drug abuse’ ( abuse of scrip meds) and we call survival…sorry Darrell got a bit carried away…but this one is a real sore spot for me…not for myself, but for people around me…I’m sorry that you’re having such a hard time..be thinking of you ..love, Katie.

    • Yes our health system is in serious trouble! Don’t get me wrong, Doctors are needed! Doctors save lives! I just got stuck going to a walk in Clinic on a regular bases because I live in a small town, and all the regular doctors are taken. That’s why this office resembles a petting zoo. Thank you for your commet Katie! We’ve definately lost something along the way though! Inefficiency has prevaded the entire work-force. Then again, it’s difficult to say: ‘I proudly flip burgers…’ Maybe it’s right people our age rebels against the system. We’re reverting back to infancy! Truthfully, the way senior people are treated in the medical system in Canada now, really stinks!

  2. yes one would like to think drug mart actually has the drugs we need instead of acting like its a surprise when someone comes in with a perscription to fill in the first place. especially if the druggest is korean then they call you undeserving of your meds and treat you like a itchy over tired stressed out addict when all you want is your friggin meds. lol oh and your wifes ear been fALLing off for a year now i recommend duct tape with pretty colors on it. some like the flashy color and amazingly they are healed!

  3. It’s moved into her other ear now! Poor thing can only sleep on her back which is soar as well… She lays all day propped up on a pillow. It’s giving me a nervous breakdown! All Internet sites say to operate! It’s going on two years now, and nobody will do anything! She’s in a lot of pain! I guess medical care is only for the rich now… And my Pharmacist is so old, he needs a pill!

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