5 comments on “Upon Majestic Shores

    • I made her up… I had to find a girls name to rhyme with ‘breath.’ Truthfully, I never know what I’ll write, I just start writing. And therefore, I don’t usually title them until I’m finished, so it matches what I said. No woman has died on me yet, but I know what loss feels like, so I ‘imagine’ the rest… Love is a powerful thing! Thanks for the compliment just the same Jaqualine! I guess you’ll have to retract it.

  1. Awe here by your image. Wow, Darrell, the water looks like glass and the mountains how they soar and are in perfect focus! Great shot!!! And your poem … you need to express yourself more oft like this. It is really good!!!! ❤

    • Oh sweetheart! I didn’t make that picture. The highest mountains I have around here are in the form of snow drifts. I do appreciate you taking the time to read my poem when you’re not feeling the greatest! Ya know? You’re tough!!

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