11 comments on “I want you, to show me the way!

  1. My Stats for last year were also very low. But, I just write what I believe/want and the rest will fall into place. Oh, and be sure to tag your posts with words people will read.

    • Like: Kill, murder, redrum, and stuff like that there? LOL! I’ve been waiting over two blogs and three years… Perhaps in a decade or two I’ll get lucky. Maybe everybody will leave, and they’ll have to come to me 🙂

  2. I think it’s also very important to connect with as many bloggers as you can, by visiting their blogs and leaving comments and the sensible one’s trail back to you. Of course, this is after you must have tagged yours as well. All the best.

    • Hi Jacqueline; Thank you for even speaking to me! LOL! Tags? What tags? Do you mean tags to represent words in my blog like usual, or another kind of tag? What are tags? I always only use 14 words beause someone told me that’s all WordPress will accept. Do you know if that’s true? Not just sure who my friends are and who’s just killing me softly… I think what I call ‘telling the truth’ others call ‘spilling the beans’. And thanks for the keen advice too! I do visit other blogs… Maybe I need to be here every day? Could be a thousand things… I’ll stop be soon 🙂

      • Is ‘networking’ even more important than blogging? I only reularly visit about 10 people whose blogs I really like, and naturally assumed other people who visit those blogs would read my coments and visit me also… But I assumed! Damn! You may have pinpointed my problem… I must find more people! Thank you!!

  3. Someone with a funny bone! Where’d you come from? Thanx so much for the ‘hail’… You came in off the radar, so you, I’m evan curious to visit; not to mention your sunny disposition! Cheers!

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