3 comments on “You stink!

    • Yeah! Had to get it off my chest though; and the 6 people constantly in my ear are barbarians. So I explode once in a while. I have no friends left but here, so I won’t leave because of the few here. One day soon though, this old, rattle trap will log out for the last time and I could never aford a new computer, though less often, I may show up via Internet Cafe. I must be getting desperate! Sorry… I need silence to write too, and I’m surrounded by noise, ‘all the time’! I want to be lite hearted, but my mate is always sick and miserable, and I’m surrounded by theives, and my depression doesn’t allow me to act, so instead, I’m a nervous wreck! Bit twitchy it seems…

      • I see your point…..I enjoy the silence thing too…have to sleep with earplugs even if home alone…..I call it being in the bubble…..makes for cool and awesome dreams too. Sending peace my friend, K

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