6 comments on “Happy Holidays!

  1. Well they’re not all for me you know! It just looks like a lot of presents cuz it’s a little tree… So how’s the weather down there in Florida? Here, it’s not even light out yet, so I won’t step a toe outside. Are you staying slim Kim? Don’t party just cuz you’re on vacation! LOL! Just sitting here trying to think about what to blog about; something funny or something serious? I can make up my mind, but I can’t make up my mood :O(

  2. I’ve got tears in my eyes, honest, Darrell. I”m goona start balling in a minute and I can’t tell you why. Just know your pictures grabbed me Heart and squeezed real real hard. Thank you. Love, Amy ❤

    • Now go out there and Christmas shop! LOL! It’s hard to think about our warm hearts Christmas morning, while we’re running around like chickens with our heads cut off… Just thought we all could use a warmth injection! I guess it worked :O) Love always,D

      • I’m an oddball, Darrell. I don’t like to shop. I bought something for me for Christmas called a Cotton Carrier Vest through amazon (My favorite store!) that holds my Canon securely to my chest with a very easy way to release it. Yes I have a rain jacket to put on camera just in case it begins to snow. My experiment yesterday failed miserably with me trying to carry a small Coleman cooler to the front at hip level coming up with all kinds of ways to keep it secured. Between the ice and how uncomfortable this system turned out to be, I didn’t get too far. I did get SOME photos, not many, that I hope to edit. I’m just on a bummer right now, truly not it the spirit of things. This is the first Christmas since my Dad passed this past January and all I want to do is ball my eyes out. I’m faking it right now with a smile. I miss him. xoxoxoxo

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