2 comments on “Blog like you mean it!

  1. Heck Yeaah…Blog like you mean it. Constructive Criticism is the way to go but then again, not many people understand how to do that. You are definitely a man, in the military perhaps..hehehe..one minute you sound like a wicked individual, the other you sound like you care. At least I know you really care. Basically, our positions to be known/stated in the blogosphere. After all, it is what it is..

  2. The Military??? Why do you hate me :O( I know it seems directed most specifically toward women, but it’s the men that won’t cough up the emotions mostly… Never thought of myself as wicked before. ‘There’s transgression in an abundence of words’ – The Bible. If my view-points were right about everything, I’d be effectively ruling the world by now (hypothetically speaking). I thank you for your cander and will examine my posts a little more closely hence forth! And thank you for the compliments Mary! Yes, I care very much! How ARE you? I see Astronomy brought you back… I’ve missed you :O)

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