59 comments on “Have a piece of my mind!

  1. I’m famous now, wow, are you,trying to poke the Obeast? I’m honored to be your oddball wacky friend and if you leave me I shall, I shall…hmmm well I can’t come to Frozenland Canada to slap you as with no passport I could never get back to my sunny beaches and then I would have to cry and then drink more and then some more after that and I hate Canadian beer…..what’s a girl to do, hmmmm….you are a superhero and you’re not leaving me to go gently into the northern light nights….suck it up you ! Or else! Okay…now you’ve incited me to threats….crap, there goes my peace now..argh……at least I’ve got my Xmas wrapping done…and the wrath of Khan is on….now I’m all excited looking at Ricardo’s yumminess and trying to figure out how I can beam aboard your planet and give you a great big hug just because I spread love, not war….okay rant done.

    • Yes I see you mean buisiness! Don’t slap me out OK? I don’t have Insurence! You’ve finished your shopping already? I haven’t left my room in six months… God you’re fast!

      Oh yeah! And when he said: ‘Vengence is dish best served cold… It’s very cold in space!’ a shiver went up my spine! Such an ideal villian!

      (John wayne imitation) Well I guess I could stick around, if’n ya keep the coffee hot, and bring me my slippers… Where’s my cigar?

  2. Reblogged this on Peace, love and patchouli and commented:
    Okay now, my mission is for you to go on over to my friends page and give him lots of likes….because it’s Christmas and I care about my friends and it’s Sunday and I would do it for you….and…..he called me his wacky friend and I am so tickled at that…it’s like being famous….almost….now get over here my friends and like his stuff because I asked with a pretty please….

    • An audience is sure to develop what? Plurality, pneumonia? What? I appreciate the encouragement! I really do! I did too, when I first heard it 3 years ago. I’ve BEEN keeping the faith ’til it’s old, rusty and useless… All the same, I’m doing back flips that you like my blog :O)

  3. I can see how you feel. Blogland is frustrating. I went over to check out this blog who was reporting fifty thousand followers and it was all trite, tripe and shit. He was writing about what he ate for breakfast and the boring life of a seventeen year old. He had no opinions, no substance and no fucking life. But that is what appealed. They lapped it up. As soon as you say something you burst their bubble.
    Cheer up. If likes and replies were the be all none of us would keep going!
    Blog again and be damned!!! What the FUUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!!!

    • Alright!! No this is what I’m talking about! Now this is real writing from the gut! Actual feelings you can grasp, and nothing like the milk toast thats out there! Christ said it better: ‘You are neither hot nor cold, but luke warm, so I spit you out!’ I could go on for months just on the stamina expressed here! I Spartan raises a gobblet to you Opher!!

      • Nobody’s saying that about you! The problem is, that you’re so popular, everyone is more or less bound to site you as an example, as opposed to someone who has a following say, of less than 500… People just wanna know why… This isn’t a linch mob! LOL!

  4. Hey! Well I am here because your wacky friend Infinite Zip invited me over! lol Don’t let people make you so angry that you stop writing! Screw em’! Be you! Be awesome. I do understand how you feel though. There are certain blogs I’ve checked out that have hundreds of likes and comments and the post just didn’t do anything for me emotionally or mentally! But don’t let that nonsense bother you. The right people will find you and really enjoy your writing! 😀 By the way, I’m Jen. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

    • It’s a pleasure to make with your aquaintance too Jen! And thank you for such fine insight and compassion. Yes I did blow a gasket… Now I need a lube job! What does that mean??? I dunno… Maybe I’m just getting old, and rickety. LOL! You really have a gift for pursuasion Jen! I hope we’ll waste a lot of time together!

  5. Don’t focus on the views. Some days I have just over a hundred, some days I have eleven. Don’t focus on the likes. I don’t think I’ve even made it to ten, so you’re beating me.
    Yes, I’ve seen some of his posts, and when I saw his post about how many followers he had, I was shocked. But it’s your blog. You obviously love writing it – you’ve been here for four years! Don’t let him take that away from you. You might reach a smaller crowd, but isn’t it better to reach a smaller group and have people that care? Surely 50,000 don’t care about the other guy, even if half of them like his breakfast?? You have more to say, more to share.
    Be THAT guy. That’s who real people want to see.

    • WOW! So uplifting! I’d stack one friend up against 50,000 idiots any day! You even lowered yourself to make me seem higher! Hmmm… The spirit of self sacrifice is the highest human condition! Would you sign my forehead? LOL! Thanks for that Carla; you actually made me feel better! Are you a Nurse? Never mind… Great to hear from you Carla! Words of wisdom…

      • Oh thank you for such a nice compliment! No, but I’m a teacher. Sort of a similar breed, really 😉 But I’m so glad I made a difference!! 🙂

      • Oh I don’t mean to make you feel stupid! That’s terrible!! I’m so sorry I make you feel that way!! I’m glad I helped though 🙂

      • NO no! That’s not how I mean it… Don’t worry! You’re not the only one experiences this difficulty with me. I used the wrong ‘stupid’ word… I look up to teachers! So how do I say that? Hey! I know! I look up to teachers! LOL! So no feeling bad! OK? And thank you for allowing me to know you :O(

      • No, no problems at all!!! Ha ha ha I’m glad! I feel like more people need to look up to teachers – we seem to be rather big punching bags for some people! So thank you – your support means the world to me!!

      • The world’s a pretty big place! I’ll try to be there! LOL! And your support means an award for me… This is like the time of Sodom and Dalilah, and you want me to find 6 honest people? Is there at least a 2018 deadline? I guess I best start hunting… Most people I know here sell nail polish :O(

      • In my vacinity, it’s $200 a pop… Very healthy for your gums and teeth! I get it done every 3 months… Another good piece of advice I have for you, is to always just rince your mouth out with water after eating or drinking anything sweet. It does make a difference… One more tid-bit. Do a salt rince twice a week too stop food particles from lodging under your gums. To keep your mouth healthy, brush with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. That’s advice they give to actual cancer patients!

      • We just wanna know what your secret is… It’s not just ‘visiting others first’… There’s something else. Is it your charm? Length of posts? You’ve put up posts about blogging before! He’s the guy you should be reading! Why don’t you all go over there?

      • How have you been made out to be a bad guy? All I said was I was shocked that you had so many viewers. I’m new to WordPress, I am genuinely shocked that I have as many followers as I do. (Which is not even a hundred – so for you to have 50,000 – I guess I didn’t realise how many people were on here.) I am also shocked that someone could get so many likes for a breakfast post – granted, one I’ve never seen, but still. Am I jealous you get those likes? No, not all. I assume you’re either a better writer than I am, or you write about what interests more people. I’m okay with not having many likes, or 50,000 followers. Some people are not; and they can have good reason to. It makes them feel like their work is not validated. But not once have I written anything that makes you out to be a bad guy. And, if we’re being really honest, when you wrote about a ‘stalker’ a few posts back, I supported you then, did I not? Now that you’ve commented here, I can assume this is the person you were talking about. And I supported you, too. When you were complaining about the things that were said, I supported you. So how about you remember that, and back off before acting like I’ve made you into a ‘bad guy’?

    • Your comment that “Don’t let him take that away from you” is where I assumed you were painting me out to be the bad guy. I don’t take anything from anyone on WordPress.

      I also don’t blog about my breakfast and never have. I have no idea what you all are talking about…

      Anyways, I have better things to do. 🙂

      • It’s what he wrote in his blog, about someone getting 17,000 likes for uploading his breakfast. Even though I hadn’t ever seen you post it, I assumed if this blog was about you, that comment was also directed at you. My mistake, I’m sorry. To be fair, I did say I’d never seen such a post, but I’m new to wordpress, so it could’ve been six months ago. But I’m sorry for my mistake.
        No, I meant “Don’t let him take that away from you” as in, “Don’t give up because someone is getting you down.” People can hurt you if you let them, if you give them a reason to. I was trying to tell him that if he loves his blog, which he clearly does, and he loves to write, which he clearly does, don’t let someone else be a reason to NOT do all that. I didn’t mean it to sound as though I was specifically targeting you.

      • No, I liked the part about comments and likes not really being an indicator of whether you have a good blog or not! It woke me up to why I’m really here. I like people in general! Too bad OM took it so badly… His post was a stinker! I’m supposed to say it was wonderful? Friends don’t lie to you! If he just thinks I’m trying to belittle him, what’s in it for me? Making myself look bigger at someone Else’s expense has never been on my agenda, and never will be.

        People hurt me when they remain reclusive to me yes! I don’t like secrets, I like everything up front and understandable to me… I also admired your statement to just be myself… It’s a pain to tell you, but us depressives have trouble getting in touch with our feelings because the meds. are the chemical equivalent to a frontal lobotomy. Ya know, you’re the one who deserves a loyalty award! I nominate you! LOL!

      • Ha ha ha thank you! Yes, it is a shame he took it so personally. I was surprised he did (at least my comment). I guess that happens sometimes; especially over the internet and through messages. It’s hard to see someone else’s meaning; and maybe he just felt targeted. I think the important thing is that you want to write, that you’re encouraged to write. No one, and no thing, should take that away from you. 🙂

  6. Darryl, you’d better come back or I shall surely kick your skinny Canadian ass…and the little green frog too…okay, I’ll be nice to him…..miss you, and still here…hello…are u there? Hello…hello? Oh shit…don’t tell me you OD’d on pistachio pudding or anything…that would be nuts….haha, get it?nuts, pistachios….oh never mind….will check back 2morrow….

    • I’m only here because of you ya know; cuz you went out and fought for me!! I shall never forget this devotion and love KIm! I think w should have cyber sex together. I really do! I think our microchips should get together and over heat! LOL! Seriously though? I Do la la… I loooo… Well you’re my best cyber friend! Don’t tell anybody! It will make the world jealous due to my fantastic looks and ragingly enormous character, and $1.27!

      • Ummm, no cyber sex….I am an android after all….where do you think this awesomeness comes from….I am only allowed to exist in space….a solo star of the universe….or just a whack job…haha…I am blessed to call you friend and I’m glad you came back…..I’m going south not north….😊☀️

      • So you are seeking the sun! OH Kim!! I’m so happy for you! Is this a vacation, or a permanent relocation? Kim! I’m just bursting with excitement for you! When will you go? How will you leave? Did you bring toothpaste???

      • Already have toothpaste down there, and toilet paper too. As soon as our house sells, we move down to the new one…long distance neighbors for us my friend….and pins coladas poolside…yeah baby….we bought the house in Feb. Hope to get there soon, quit my job and find a new one, etc…..

      • So they do have toothpaste. I didn’t know… (Groan…) Oh Kim! You don’t know what this means to me! I think I’m goanna cry… ‘Men don’t cry! They use Night-quil…’ Just tears of joy Darling one.

      • I’m not leaving WordPress my dear, will have more time to play in the virtual playground..did the Obeast ever send you hate mail on your post? No crying…..I never cry, but when I do, they’re diamonds 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

      • I told you they were tears of joy! My names not joy! LOL! See how I sneak and weave and bob, and neil? Diamonds! Oooo! Remind me to tell you off someday. I need a little walking around change…

      • I’ll tell it like it is kid! I gotta cry for them too… We’re ‘all’ misfits! All of mankind! Only the select few ever enjoy true oppulence. Not all it’s cracked up to be though… Once you have money, you need guards!!

      • Haha, I’m a Bills fan which may be even worse? Just kidding, gotta love the underdog Bills…always have always will??? Hmmmm…but maybe when I move to the sun I shall expand my football horizons to the winning side.

      • Don’t move to the sun! It’s more than 90 degrees there… Instead seek the relaxation of floating through deep-space untill you get hungry. Then paddle home…

      • No, I shall paddle in my pretty pool and it’s only the seventies down there now….new house to celebrate a first Christmas and New Years in…woo hoo….exciting😊⭐️☀️

      • New house??? You are full of surprises aren’t you! What could be more totally awesome than that? I’m green with envy… Actually, I’m just plaide right now! Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a flap happy New Queer! LOL! I just love this! Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I would have been busting a gut to spill the beans… OK! ‘spill the vodka!’ And a pool!! I only have a shoe box and a cracker :O(

      • But I bet it’s a Ritz cracker…..I have popcorn in my drawer….my nutsack has been pilfered by the greedy squirrels….but I didn’t tell them, there’s nuts in that there corn…..tee hee…..no beans to spill…that was lunch yesterday…green bean casserole with bacon and fried crispy onion thingies….mmmmm…..

    • Seems rather simple to me. The bloggers that get interaction GAVE interaction back and often times first. The people that get a lot of comments and interaction probably interacted first. I’ve promoted tons of bloggers including spartacus and I do that with my “free time.” I don’t sit on my blog whining about why others have what I don’t.

      • I’m giving a one time example, not disputing your reputation. I thought that an ‘understood’. It’s only to prove that if you already have the followers, it’s practically impossible to make a mistake. How you became enormous OM, is not in question…

  7. Some present some kind of plight to attract sympathy… Others rely on keeping their blogs short, realizing that most people don’t have the time or patience, so they poop out after reading 40 words or so. That’s why all those little: ‘Poop’ blogs get so much attention! Anyone can do that! Just be lazy! I somehow fear that we’ve forgoten how to read; I mean really read for enjoyment! Now, everything is cyberspace, 1 minute chats! A quip, a picture, and you’re done! Three minutes tops! Too many games and advertisement for online shopping now! People aren’t ready for blogging yet! Instant evrything! That’s the problem…

  8. I sure hope this is a joke considering I’ve reblogged and shared your site before. I don’t see the joke though.

    I work hard for the interaction on my site. 4 years is a long time to blog, but that doesn’t mean anything if you didn’t use those 4 years to network. Expecting people just to comment and show up isn’t a great way to blog spartacus.

    As I said. I hope this post was a poor joke.

  9. Taking this all a little personally aren’t you? Is there something you didn’t earn? Is there some truth to what I’m saying? Is that why you’re upset? What are you doing down here insulting the little for anyway? Why don’t you go back to your fans? We obviously mean NOTHING to you… If you were half the man this forum has made you out to be, you’d join in the protest!… It’s wrong! And you know it!! So there! Go back and feed that to your crumbling world!

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