8 comments on “I Can Think!!

  1. I find you where I want you, straight in my inbox….although sometimes I get a delay of a day in reading depending on much dog poop i have to pick up in the yard, then the wine kicks in, and well you know….or perhaps not….but I’ll save you a glass….cheers. Loving your posts lately too by the way. all pretty and such….I always meant to ask what is up with the diapered frog?

    • LOL! Froggy is my alter ego… I like to put froggy up when I give an opinion. Why? Everybody likes Froggy! Or does it look more ike a sick fetish? I know… It screws with people’s heads. Right? Maybe it’s a subconcious thing because I lost my children. Maybe I’m just trying to be funny :O(

      • I like froggy….Kermit was always a fave…..does he sing the rainbow connection? He can stay….I just didn’t think I had ever asked. I had a stuffed lion….but he kept Lyin’ so I got rid of him…..he said he loved me, then he gathered dust…..he is making some child happy somewhere….did you really lose your children? That’s sad….🐸

      • Did anybody ever tell you how sweet you are to people? Never loose that intensity you have Kim… It lights up my room from where you are! Kisses and heavy breathing, LOL: D

      • Heavy breathing? Oh my, already got my daily dose from my happy pooch this morning, rain check for tomorrow? You my friend are too kind, yeah, you….I am smiling and think I just split my damn lip again…fuddyduddygoobers…..Ouchie.😱

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