3 comments on “Rogue Planets…

  1. Wow, Darrell, I feel so bad for you. Twice you had your lens stolen? For pity’s sake who would sink that low? Next time you get one, and I am saying next time, don’t tell anyone you have one. But then how would you post your pictures? Oh my this does seem to pose a dilemma. Let me ponder upon this.
    As for science and the skies, I too am just fascinated, perhaps not as much as you or knowledgeable come to think of it, but still the fact remains I am. So a new telescope is coming in 2018 that is more powerful then the Hubble? Wow!!! Just wow! And it is sad to me to think that mankind will invade other planets for um greed purposes when they have totally wreaked havoc on this planet. When do you think they will learn to leave Nature alone and just live in Harmony? I dunno.

    • I think we are slowly coming round to protecting our environment now… But it’s still going to take time.

      Spreading out to other planets is the only way of insuring the survival of Mankind! Besides, I think there’s enough planets to go around; even a moon or two, not beyond hope… I’d like to go to Saturn, and bring back some gas :O)

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