12 comments on “What a Writer is…

    • Do you mean that you feel your posts are a little long winded? Or that you have trouble coming up with topics that move you to write about? Because I sometimes get ideas by reading what someone said in some other blog when I’m stuck for a post. I try to condence a paragraph into one sentence, so I might present more ideas at once. That is, I’m more successful, if I think in point form…

  1. HUH? I don’t agree, Sparty. Hmmmmm …. I’m a writer and words come easy to me. That said, this is the same person who is sensitive to cell phone waves. Yup, me. T’is true. And here you go and make fun of me. I’m poutin’, only you can’t see ’cause you don’t have x-ray eyes. No wait, but you do you do! Oh heavens me, what AM I talkin’ about!? I honestly don’t know. Anywho … from someone who writes and LOVES words, it aint hard to write not at all. Now when I have a headache that’s a different story or when someone is interrupting me .. yup, that does happen. A lot. Gee, poor me. Good thing I have a sensitive brain that can pick up all kinds of waves to help me out to write even when I am being interrupted. I can chew gum, juggle jacks, and skate board all at the same time AND spit out words to write. How about that? Now that’s talent! Yessirree Bob! Tee hee …..

    • I, on the other hand, am a gormet, and choose my words as if savoring a fragrant meal… Every once in a while, I may put out a hot dog, I’m not saying that. What I am saying, is there are days I push myself; days when I start out clueless, are my better days because it makes me try harder, and therefore produce something a little deeper than usual for me. Of corpse, our writing styles are different too, so I guess this is aimed particularly who you are, and not those who are not. Is that not so?

      • Hmmmm …. what you say is true. There are times I grasp to get to the exact words needed to describe what I am trying to convey. Other times the words flow … and still I am scratching out, editing, changing, until I can finally sit back and say, “perfect!”. We all strive to do better, formulating our thoughts with our words more precisely, in a manner that is pleasing to the eye and allows the reader no room for head scratching asking what is being said here? I’m much better writing my short wisdom sayings then I am a long read. I really struggle with a long read, going over and over and over it again looking for mistakes, changing things, erasing phrases that are repetitive, just overall tightening the hatches to bring in the full steamship into clear focus. I enjoy having FUN with words, as is pretty evident yet there too, more times then not, I write in a serious vein. Hmmmm … you’ve got me thinking now, Darrell. 🙂 ❤

      • Now that we’re here without so many people around Amy, I would like to ask you to try something for me… I’d like to see you write some longer posts Hun; longer than 300 words. You have such a large crowd of followers, and I just think it would be a big treat for everyone, if they heard a little more from you. I perfectly like the way you blog, I’d just like to see how people would respond to your addressing a serious topic, however you’d like to address that… That’s my challenger to you!

      • A long post is coming tomorrow challenging people to exercise and showing exactly what I am doing right now. It is an 8 photo post filled with gorgeous images from a forest and out of those 8, 3 are of me. Yup, true. I have another LONG read written regarding my thoughts on Love. So, Darrell, whether you know it or not, you are tack on the money. I’ve begun wanting to write longer posts here and there. So …. your wish is my command! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

      • And three of you? I’ll be particularly interested to look for any warts or blemishes! LOL! Listen! I am so thrilled you are doing this! I just know, knowing how meticulous you are, everyone’s gonna love it! Are you growing up on me some more? Right before my eyes?

      • Long posts are not easy for me to do, for they are really time consuming. My Life is SO big … I LOVE to write and lately my Heart has really wanted to write more. I didn’t check the work count … hmmmm … that is what I will do though … on the post I just wrote. I promise you will be in awe, you will smile, you will be impressed, and you will LAUGH!!! Especially the laugh is the coolest!!! I pulled it off … a complicated post with several different perspectives to all tie in together. Now I need a nap. 🙂 AND tomorrow what YOU will see, I will be walking again!!! LOL ❤ You will SEE the tremendous achievement I am doing by walking where I am! Tee hee ..

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