18 comments on “Understanding Blogging Techniques

  1. But,but,but,I like dancing round….it’s like that show, dancing with the scars….I have a few, they wanted their own blog but I said no dancing scar selfies so suck it…..great post my friend, still waking up and enjoying this read…and commenting too😀🙃

    • Well thank you so much… Ya know, when I start these, I haven’t a clue what I’m going to say. The answers just seem to pop into my head automatically now. I’ve seen my writing improve over time. So kind of you to mention! I don’t mind comments :O)

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    These are good blogging methods and ways of increasing your network. I also agree that blogging should first and foremost be fun and enjoyable! 🙂 -OM
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    • Something like this is BIG for me! The truly magnificent OM just rebogged me! I shall never wash my typing finger again! This may bring the catylist I need to attract some more traffic I would welcome with open arms! Drats! I should have said: ‘Get to know OM’ as a way of improving traffic… But I was negligent oh great one (humbly lowers head and licks boot). Also, King of our general galactic neighborhood, I forgot to mention one of your key points, which is to frequent Twitter and FB and such. I know… I should be flogged and given a plate of rocks for super. Perhaps it’s just as well if that pacific point remains with you, oh great one! (Bows and spits out gum). Thanks OM! From deep in my guts, I really mean it!

    • It brightens my day just seeing that smile of yours! Looks like we can be friends… It’s great to make with your aquaintance! Will give your blog a boo as soon as I can. Cheers! :O)

      • Thank you lol…yes we can be friends I was just browsing around your Blog! I am an Artist Designer and I express my creativity in many different ways you will always find something different and unespected on my Blog! I create unique Jewelry Inspired by Nature. I love Photography, Digital Art, Watercolor painting, Illustration, Music and sometimes I write poems..and a lot more I hope that you enjoy the visit! 🙂

      • I’ve got you covered on everything but Watercolor painting and illustration. On this, you might encourage me! I have a drawing tablet, 3 different pens and Painter Xl! But I’m afraid I will lack here if I get into it at all. Perhaps one day you could give me a few pointers? When you’re not to busy! Like 2030… LOL!

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