9 comments on “This one’s For You!

  1. Good job, Darrell!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! I am SO very happy for you!!! Keep up whatever you are doing and before you know it you will be buried alive under a mountain of comments …. just like me. SOOOOO the moral of this story is, be careful what you wish for !!! LOL (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

    • Thanx Amy! I really depreciate that… Well I like to keep my mind occupied, and I think it’s imortant for others if I should be here. I really believe I can make a difference! And I don’t know how I can thank you, both for your counciling and uh… I forgot what I was going to say. LOL! Oh yeah! Thanx for commenting here so frequently so I don’t feel so alone! I la la la… I looooove… I think you’re swell :O)

  2. Awesome sauce my friend, woo hoo Yay You!!! You’re not going to become an uppity snob now,,are you? Not too good for us States folks below you…get it, you’re in Canada and I’m in the states….below Canada…..okay I will stop now….peace and love, K

    • No… In fact I’m part American. I’m related to John Astor of the famous Asshole Hysterical hotel chain. I’m also related to one of the knights of the oblong table, and Queen Beatrice of Holland… So only my liniage is uppity. Greetings and felicitations: D. oXo

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