11 comments on “Real Friends vs. Fake Ones

    • LOL! Great sense of humor; your timing is impecable! So… Long time absolutely nothing! You haven’t missed much… I’m just sitting her like a puppy with his tail wagging! Don’t go away so long or I swear I’ll pee on your leg! LOL! As for friendship, I’m turning my back and tapping my foot… … … … Have you taken it yet? Really happy to see you!! WOOF! I wanna doggie treat :O)
      Great to see you again buttercup!!

      • Okeydokey…two scoobysnax for the big drooler in the front row, but–that’s my limit..can’t have you gettin’ spoiled or somethin’, lol! And uh, yes I took it & reposted to Fb…so you can stop tappin’ your foot n’ that…missed me I’m thinkin’…love, Katie.

      • Yes I missed you madly! But now food calls! LOL! On Fb eh? Thanx for the scooby snax. Is there anything you’d like me to go fetch? What’s not to miss? Don’t hit me please!! Me spoiled? I’m gonna tell my broker you said that! LOL! Kisses and Hugs xOx

  1. Dim sorry I ate all of your food, when you going shopping again? I’m getting hungry…and can you please pick up some real maple syrup this time? Not that Mrs Butterworks crap🙃

      • I had French toast wit real maple syrup…I don’t think any French men were harmed in the making of my toast this am, and bacon,and taters with onions,and Eggies with cheese, like my Eggies with cheese…and Cinnabon toast too…..it was yummy….I was hungry…up late partaying with the Queen (Freddie Mercury and co.) 😀because now that I’m a superhero, I am a champion (of big breakfasts if nothing else)😀🙃

      • Kim;

        You really make me smile :O) It’s healthy to have a big breakfast, and so, smart! Nothing more valuable to you than your health! ‘partaying with the Queen’ busted me right up! LMAO! Well Kim, the mention of french toast made me drool on my keyboard… I had penis butter on an English muffin :O(

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