5 comments on “Pet Peeves

  1. Geez, Darrell…I think you just cornered the open market on complaints…too bad that wasn’t a buyable commodity..you be richer than God, LOL! Having said that, I agree with a lot of your stuff…like kickin’ sand in the face of most CEO’s of just about any company…and about computers…have read several articles in the last 6 yrs. re the actual sensitivity (physical) of computers….like seriously, read several articles about not having a fight in front of same cuz you can trip it to do any of the fun things you’ve mentioned…esp. shutting down on its own….one step before A.I. in my opinion…I’ve had mine do all sorts of weird stuff…tho’t it was an out of date tower…bought a new one and guess what…same stuff all over again…just faster, lol!

    • LOL! I love those funny endings! I’m rich in friends, and a loved one I split financial monthly payments with: rent, cable, phone, Internet. I buy the food, she buys the toiletries. Also, Tim, her nefew lives here. He helps with the cooking and food prep, and shares food where our diets are similar. They are my family now, so by banding together, it’s easier on me, yes…

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