11 comments on “The Superhero’s Hand Book…

  1. They hide the Bud under their cape….it’s okay to go under to find it, they wore their deodorant after all…what about a mask,,can they wear a mask…what powers come with the job? And last but not least, what’s the gig pay?

    • Ah! That would explain the drunken Bum Superheros. The pay depends on the gig: if you’re just saving a damsil in this dress, it’s lower then say wraping a bank bandit in bubble gum, well thats more monopoly money! Your own powers come with the job: courteousness, patience, bravery, super human loving kindness, so you can make criminals ashamed of themselves and go home crying… Criminals whither before any humanitarian activity. It makes them sick to their stomachs! Always remember these words: ‘You dirty guy!’ Feel the power?

      • Oh yes, I do…I shall practice saying it all day and I see now just how powerful I am, wow, who’d a thunk? Thanks Darryl, have a most lovely day, wield you magic computer brush and stay amazing, K

    • Oh my! I do believe you’re right! Thank goodness (thanx goodness!), you were hear to enlighten us with this valid point. Yes, Superhero’s must not be self centered… Like I said, some of them chew gum and smoke, and spit. Maybe that’s what makes some of them feel tough? Thanx again Ohmz! I think I remember you… Great to see you again! I’ll be over to say hi…

  2. Totally stunning blog, Cap’n…only thing is, so far, including the tights, and leaving out the drunken bums thing, you have just described quite accurately what I’ve been doing all my life…friendship and parenthood…which IS truly superhuman..glad to finally have the rules laid out now that I’m sixty! LOL! Also get why I’ve never seen a paycheck…threw out more monopoly money from old games than you can shake a stick at!LOL! love, Katie.

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