5 comments on “A Letter From A Friend…

  1. Well… OK… Peck peck peck {{{{HUG!!!}}}}… Peck peck peck {{{{HUG!!!}}}} Many many LOVE DROPS… Me Lady.. Me heart doth beat at the speed of hummingbirds wings… I must be running a fever! What’s happening? Kisses: Licks and leg humping: Always: Annynomous…

  2. Glad you’re reaching out there Darrell…question, tho’…was this to you from amy and reposted to your site…or from you to amy…a little confusing there…for once it isn’t me that’s confused, lol! Anyway whichever way…glad you’re makin’ each other’s day. love, Katie.

    • You didn’t click the link to her page! BLASPHEMY!! LOL! It’s from her to me… I asked her for permission first. And how might I make yours?

      Love and Spanish Fly: Darrell

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