2 comments on “It’s Impossible for Me to Find a Friend!

  1. I liked this because it is actually very good poetry…a good piece, considering how difficult rhyming pentameter is to do (not a plus for me in English class, lol!)…but the subject matter is complete crap…yes I said that..shame on you for bellyachin’ when you have many friends…so it didn’t feel like it that day, wow! Well I guess you had the right to say so, but how many of us out here did you hurt or upset with this? Are we only friends if we sign in and comment once a month or what? Or did you just need a moan that day due to mood swings,lol? Sometimes Darrell, it’s better not to write your opinion or how bad you feel without considering other people…could be why no one else commented on this but me…but then, when someone is ACTUALLY a REAL friend, they tell you what you need to hear, not what you WANT to hear..you are a great friend, and I’ve missed blogging and you…just sayin’ what is because you ARE my friend..love, Katie.

    • You’re entitled to your opinion, but you might understand that I sometimes use my world of pretend to generate feeling for the task at hand. I need a catylist to be fully involved. And yes, my happy pills have something to do with that. They tend to turn my emotional center off: kind of like a frontal labotomy. My actual attitude to losing all those followers I built up over 3 years, is that I am now far more of an experienced blogger, so I expect my count will rise faster. And if I’m still around after only 300 followers on my old blog after three years, it becomes apparent that neither fame nor fortune is my objective. Just here to make friends and help where and when I can. I’m a Superhero! Anyway, I’m pleased you ‘liked’ it :O)

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