4 comments on “How much for the pom-pom’s?

  1. I saw this on TV and my reaction was … REALLY???? You have GOT to be kidding me!! All that money for a STONE? And basically that is what a diamond is. Pretty, I must admit, yet still a stone. ❤

  2. It’s highly compresed prehistoric, vegetable matter… Oh no! My mistake! That’s a Vodka Gimlet… Pressurized carbon. When some stars burn out, they leave a diamond in the sky, larger than the earth. Boy! I’m RICH! I’m a filthy Miser! Wait a minute… What cuts diamond? I knew there’d be a catch! Do you know of any tow truck company that would take on a job this large? I’m willing to pay handsomly!

  3. Dumbfounded by the stupidity of yet another fool who was soon parted from his money! Loved every word of this blog and agree totally…some people don’t and never will get over their greed arrogance and pride..the three reasons I imagine this fool spent so much $$$$ on his 7yr old! Katie.

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