8 comments on “It’s All About You…

    • I made a disk of 16 of my own songs called: ‘My Tofu’… How did you know? ‘you’ refers to the kind of people who fail at something, and then just give up. I’m trying to relay that by sometimes toughing things out, success is possible for them too…

      • I try not to fail….but then I do, I get knocked down, but I get up again…..I even started a new blog…more personal writings. Check it out if you’d like inspiration….cimmeriansoul.wordpress.com. Stop in and say hey😅

  1. A man I have always loved and respected once said, “Whosoever shall lose his life for my sake, shall find it”…seems you lost one life, Darrell to find another…don’t know what has inspired this change in you, but I’m glad to see and hope it remains..pleasing people for their sakes or yours is never a good thing…always ends in a mess of some sort…but loving people, accepting them in your life, just the way they are, is always a good thing..it’s hard and definitely messy, but a mess worth having, even if you have to clean it up by yourself! lol! love, Katie.

    • LOL! I truly admire your sense of timing… You got me reading this all serious like, and then you drop a bomb shell! And thank you for your keen observations. You are very wise! True enough: The bigger deal I make of this, the bigger monster it will become. He’s part of her ‘family’ and couldn’t very well turn him away. Three more are coming from Kitchener for two weeks at Christmas… And then there were seven! LOL! Hugs and Kisses: oXo

  2. What a glorious post, Darrell. Really! I am soundly impressed! Life is truly challenging, more so it seems then for others, yet those very people who have those challenges, seem to come out (now if they are willing) stronger, and more Compassionate as well. It takes work, and I mean hard work and a LOT of honesty about who we are. Wow, this post I can really sink my teeth into!!! Bravo for writing such an excellent piece!!! NICE!! ❤

    • WOW! This really made me feel good about myself! This reads more like a diploma than a comment! I’d frame it and hang it over my fireplace if I had one… Thank you Amy! This is so important to my self esteem!! Has anybody ever told you they’re honored to know you? I’m honored to know you! Kisses and Hugs: oXo

      I’d like to thank my sponcer: ‘The fund for unnatural childbirth…’ and ‘Kellog’s Rice Crispies’, the most nutritionally void substance in The Universe, and to my three children: Winkie, Blinkie, and Nod, for their financial support :O)

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