3 comments on “Do The Right Thing

  1. If Christ thought this, where would we be? I think the closer truth is learning and holding onto the balance between ourselves and others…living too much for others and not considering oneself is not healthy…can lead to codependancy, amongst other things…alternately, living for oneself alone is just plain selfish and self centred….the balance between is the wisdom to know when one should serve others and when one needs to look after oneself…only then is contentment or dare I say, happiness, possible…love, Katie.

  2. The post is saying you can’t live your life ‘strictly’ for other people. Some people do that, while never considering what’s right for themselves at all. Now I think THAT’s wrong! So I agree with you! Besides, we are only equipped to better help others if we first look inward and attend to our own faults and misconceptions. I like the point you’re making though as well! Sometimes we become all consumed with ourselves, and too caught up in that to be able to realize the needs of others… Great comment Katie! I love a girl who gets fired up too: shows me someone who not only cares, but is prepared to act upon her principals… ‘It’s not the school I dislike! It’s the principal of the thing!’

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