14 comments on “Photos of The Dark

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  2. Darrell, now that I have both feet on the ground again, I looked really looked at your images and I sat FIVE stars! Wow! You are really good! Your sense of humor, your magic eye, all blend together to give all those who view your work, a delightful and delicious version of you. LOVED your shots. Really enjoyed this, my friend. ❤

    • You gave me one more star than I gave myself. That can mean only one thing. I suffer from a complete lack of self confidence! I don’t want to live anymore! Perhaps maybe just a modest flat in the burbs… Delightful and delicious? You make me sound like a cake! Bet you could just eat me up! Anyway, LOVED your comment. I think you’re a real goofy, picture taker too. LOL!

      • But of course you are delightful and delicious. Did you not know? And I am here always to keep your moral boosted so you start giving yourself FIVE golden stars. Of course you want to live … you would miss me too much if you didn’t. You bring out the goof ball in me, hehehehehe, which I need, believe me to keep me sane. EWEEEE the heavens be cracking wide open of late and sending me some real twisters of storms. I’m hiding under the armpit of a gorilla to make sure those golf ball sized hail don’t take a direct hit on my head. Life!!! Go figure, right?

      • I prefer the playful side of people. There’s a little, child in us all just screaming: ‘I WANNA GO OUT AND PLAY!!’ First, I must hobble over to my make-shift pantry for Midgets, get my box of poop flakes and Harvest Crunch, get some frozen mixed fruit from the freezer, some honey from the cupboard, and feed my cat…

        Don’t go shasing after storms now! LOL! Have you ever heard of anything so ludicrous? ‘Say Frank? Isn’t Marsh supposed to be running AWAY from the storm?’ Whatever you do, don’t use an umbrella. They turn into kites! Do what I do… Walk around inside a cardboard box :O)

  3. LOL@me! Oops, I meant to say SAY instead of sat. Silly me. I sat FIVE stars? How does one sat stars anyways? Any clue? Not I, said stardust to star. Not I in the least.

  4. Well I’ve never heard of a butt enormous enough to encompus 5 stars before, though I do think NASA may be interested… LOL! I make the same, silly mistakes all the time. In fact, I like to incorporate them into my writing. Maybe that’s why you did… Some things are subconscience, so we can’t even keep them to ourselves :O(

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