3 comments on “Gangs (What are they good for?)

  1. There may have been gangs where i grew up,but my family where independent criminals who didn’t belong to an organized group of other criminals.. So for me it was my own family i had to watch out for. not a threat from outside, but bigger threats from within my own walls 24-7 everyday and night..

    So in conclusion, gangs sort of look like a bunch of cowards in a way because they always had to appear in numbers. they were never alone being mean. always in groups.against one or two weaker smaller more vulnerable poor souls. such kindergarten cowards with their paint cans….they could better serve the world by picking up a shovel and clearing the snow for the elderly or planting a garden for a poor people to have better foods.

  2. That really sounds rough Mellisa! My parents weren’t gems either, so I know just what you’re talking about. I tried to stick to my room mostly…

    Like I said Melissa. It was better to be in a gang in that neighbourhood than not be and become targeted by those who are. We were anything but cowards though. There were always challenges to face. I imagine some were coward like though. I guess we’d never hear about them cuz they’d always run away…

    As usual, thank you for a very insightful response! And yes, that’s what I was saying. Some gangs are refined, some are not. My two older brothers used to put their rings on, and go out looking for entire gangs to beat up!

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