2 comments on “Animal Torture

  1. Personally I cant re- live childhood memories without a psychiatric tactical unit at the ready with syringes to sedate me however,i am also against animal abuse. I decided 15 years ago or so, to become a vegetarian so that animals wouldn’t suffer because of my eating habits. The idea being you dont eat anything with a face. except of course vegetable faces like potato eyes and corn ears. have you ever noticed how strawberries kind of look like they are covered with taste-buds like on your own tongue? hmmmm weird.thought to ponder, if strawberries can taste us back..

  2. That’s because you’re so sweet Melissa! Taste buds don’t talk back in foreign languages! I do however admire your choice of nutritional intake… On top of this, you’ve got a better since of humor than Grouch Marx! Wait until you read my next Blog….

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