2 comments on “Playing God…

  1. Genetecly modified food scares me..frankienstine foods could explain my incrresed intake of fruit and veg for the past 3 weeks but then accomplished having weight gain. as opposaed to loosing any.
    Gardening is my most favorite activity however i have no yard to grow my own foods.. that would be paradise to have a garden.
    by experimenting where human genes are conserned we may live long enough to see potatoes with actual eyes and corn with real ears.

    • I have a plan for you Melissa! I just don’t want your personal business spread all over The Internet. I’ll talk to you at Marks because I want to see your facial expression as well. You’re a good person and deserve much better than this… Thank You for your comment… I love the potatoes and corn thing! I love your natural whit! And I always enjoy your comments… Cheers!

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