2 comments on “Oh, Where is The Bottom?

  1. Yes people need time to wake up slowly and sip their favoritr morning beverage. when theres nowhere for me to go to get peace and quiet i imagine everyone around me is a cartoon then i tune out their voices and insert blerps sounds kinda like charlie browns teacher. when im outta happy pills i need distraction, so i jump on my bike and go toward the woods walking my bike up steep hills just so i can coast down the other steep side fast. sometimes bring the camera in case i see something interesting. my memory isnt very good so i need the pictures to distract me on the days i cant get out due to rain or depression.

  2. Thanx Melissa! That was very sweet of you! I still feel like crap but that dying feeling has left so thank goodness for that… I’ve gotta take my bike in to be fixed. I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time. My breaks are gone… It’s cheap to fix though. No more than $20 I expect. I found your comment very helpful!


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